What is hair lamination?

Hair lamination has taken the internet by storm… but what is it?

Here’s the scoop:

The main goal of hair lamination is to give the hair a glass like sheen and super smooth out the strands of your hair by applying a special laminate.

Our hair lamination system is packed with two main ingredients:

  1. Diamond dust: These microcrystals intensify the refraction of light, giving your hair an exceptionally bright effect.
  2. Hyaluronic acid: This wonder ingredient, naturally found in our body, hydrates tissues, giving them structure and plasticity. It also has filling and plumping properties that fill and protect the hair structure, leaving it smooth and hydrated.

After lamination, your hair isn’t just shiny; it’s also soft and protected from external agents.

Including a blow dry expect the service to take around and hour.

This treatment is great for all hair types and colours, though we have found the very best results is on brunette and copper hair

The service lasts around 2-3 weeks, however if used with the correct aftercare you can lengthen the treatment for much much longer.

You can add a lamination onto a cut and finish, or book as a stand alone service