Stronger, healthier hair???

Transform your hair from the inside out

From heat styling to environmental stress, our hair is constantly under siege. That’s where hair bond repairing treatments come into play, a revolutionary approach to restore health, strength and shine to your locks.

Designed to chemically repair strands by penetrating deep within the hair shaft to re-build integral bonds, they’re a step up from regular hair masks that only improve the hair’s surface.

Understanding hair bonds

First, let’s talk about the foundation of our hair – the bonds. Our hair is made up of proteins, primarily keratin, held together by various types of bonds, with disulphide bonds being the most significant.

These bonds are responsible for the strength and elasticity of our hair. However, regular styling, chemical treatments, and even daily exposure to sun and pollution, can weaken these bonds leading to damaged, brittle and lifeless hair.

How hair bond repairing treatments work

Hair bond repairing treatments are the superheroes of hair care. At The Strand we use and recommend several bond repaiering products including Olaplex, MKS and Eufora.

These advanced formulations penetrate deep into the hair shaft to target and repair broken bonds. By repairing these bonds, the treatments restore the hair’s natural strength and resilience from the inside-out.

Whether it’s an in-salon professional treatment or an at-home care product, these treatments work at a molecular level to repair broken links in the hair’s cortex, giving improved strength and resilience to damage which helps reduce breakage, split ends, dryness and frizz.

Who needs hair bond repairing treatments?

So, who stands to benefit from these treatments? If your hair feels over-processed, brittle or lacks shine, it’s a candidate for bond repairing.

These treatments are suitable for all hair types and used regularly, as advised by your stylist, can significantly improve your hair’s health.

As always, prevention is better than cure. Many things, from heat to colour and chlorinated water to chemical treatments like bleach or relaxants, can damage these bonds and affect hair’s strength. So try to minimise damage where you can.

Once the bonds are damaged then a hair bonding treatment can help restore strength, shine and manageability. Unlike nourishing masks and other hydrating products, bond repair treatments focus on repairing and re-linking the broken bonds leaving hair stronger and healthier.

Expected results and benefits

Expect to see a noticeable difference. Your hair will feel stronger, look healthier and shine brighter after an Olaplex or triple bond repair treatment.

These results are not just surface-level – it’s a deep-rooted restoration strengthening the hair from the inside-out and protecting against breakage.

“My hair is looking so much better since using the bond repair, it shines and feels stronger, plus the toner seems to last longer n the condition is better” Client- Amanda

Combining treatments with regular hair care

To maximise these benefits, build bond repairing treatments into your regular haircare routine.

But a word of caution. “Don’t overuse bond repair treatments. If you use them too frequently it can cause protein overload leaving hair stiff to the touch, dull and brittle.”

Discover the power of deep repair

Hair bond repairing treatments are more than just a beauty trend, they’re an essential tool in maintaining the health and strength of your hair.

Why not ask your stylist for their advice on hair at the start of your next appointment and repair damaged hair and boost resilience with our tried and tested bond builders Eufora Triple bond repair treatment or MKS leave in Instant repair mask (similar but better than K18).

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