The Importance Of Personalised Hair Care

Firstly, how does personalised hair care differ to customised hair care? Customised hair care has only recently been introduced to the market where customers can complete hair quizzes to have ‘made to order’ haircare delivered right to their door. Whereas personalised hair care pertains more to people relying on ‘tried and true’ products and building their own ROUTINE from a collection of brands that they have found helped them towards their end goal. 

If you ask anyone about their skin care routine, they are most likely able to list off every product they use, what it does, ingredients and the best way to apply. A boom in the skin care industry came with influencers highlighting the importance and the difference it can make. However, if you ask someone what their hair care routine is you can often be met with a semi-blank look and told “I get mine from Boots”. Why is it that we may not pay as much attention to our hair care routine than our skin? It’s just as important to make sure your hair and scalp are getting the right treatment, best fitted to help you along your hair journey.

Locking down a good hair routine can be difficult as hair type, texture, lifestyle and finding the perfect balance all-year around plays a major role in how these products will affect your hair. For most, the routine probably consists of shampoo, conditioner with the occasional deep-conditioning mask.

Mostly, our hair goals are segmented into categories that address one hair type or concern. However, mass generalisation of these solutions is not effective. That’s why it is important to look for brands that celebrate diversity and ensure their products are inclusive, recognising that no two hair types can be the same. Your hair is DNA and therefore, history is engrained into every strand. Taking your hairs history and your styling routine into consideration is the first step to making an impactful haircare routine that works for you.

Finding your ideal routine can be stressful and will be no easy task. With so many factors to consider as well as what each ingredient does and how it works for you, these also must be tested and sometimes you may feel exhausted with the idea of buying yet another hair serum. However, that is why pre-research is important to use as a secure springboard into the world of personalised hair care. It’s important to note that customised hair brands do not offer a personalised regime and journey.  

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