Say goodbye to split ends

Say goodbye to split ends with our top tips

Trying to grow your hair but bothered by split ends? The ends of our hair are the oldest part of the hair shaft, so understandably they get weaker over time, fray and split.

But what causes split ends and what can be done about them? Find out below in our latest blog post from Abbie.

What are split ends?

“Split ends make our hair look dull, dry and frizzy,” says Abbie.

“When the outer layer of the hair shaft (the cuticle) is damaged the hair can split and fray, usually at the end (that’s why we talk about ‘split ends’). However, although damage at the end of hair is most common, split ends can also occur all along the hair shaft.”

What causes split ends?

All of these can cause split ends explains Abbie:

  • Brushing or combing your hair too roughly.
  • Over-use of hairdryers and heated styling tools – this can seriously dry out your hair.
  • Drying your hair too roughly after shampooing.
  • Too much sun – your hair can actually burn making split ends much more likely.
  • Using rubber bands to style your hair.
  • Over chemical processing (colours/perms).
  • Harsh shampoos or chemical treatments.

Can split ends be repaired?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, says Abbie, though you can help to prevent them.

They can be temporarily disguised with the correct products such as our Eufora Pure polish which temporarily ‘glues’ together frayed ends so they look silky smooth from root to tip, but this isn’t a permanent solution.

If you’re going somewhere special and smooth, glossy strands are a must-have come in for a consultation or cut and finish and we’ll ensure you’re good to go.

What can be done about split ends?

Sorry – you knew this was coming. Like I said before the correct products will help to disguise (recommendation’s below) and prevent but he only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. It may be that you just need a really good trim, or you could take the opportunity to go for a completely new look. Exciting!

How to prevent split ends

“You will never eliminate split ends altogether, but there is plenty you can do to keep them to prevent hair from splitting in the first place and to stop the fraying climbing further up the hair shaft,” advises Abbie.

Regular trims

It’s important to have regular trims even if you’re growing your hair she adds: “Once your hair is back in shape and looking healthy again, aim for a trim at least every six weeks to eight weeks.”

Gentle washing and drying

Wet hair is very easy to damage so avoid rubbing it roughly with a towel. Instead, use your towel to carefully squeeze excess water out of your hair (be a blotter!).

Be gentle when detangling too and use a wide-toothed comb or a detangling brush our Wonder brush is amazing and is a firm fave with many of our clients.

Now allow your hair to air dry for as long as you can before turning on your dryer.

The heat is on

Go easy with the hairdryer and heated styling tools and always use heat-protective products to minimise those pesky split ends. I recommend ElixirOne to my clients [as it’s lightweight and doesn’t leave a sticky residue].

And don’t forget the hot sun damages hair and leads to split ends. Use a sunscreen spray in sunny weather not just when you’re lazing poolside. Your hair will thank you.

A healthy diet for healthy hair

And finally, poor diet will always affect the condition of your hair. Make it split-end resistant by eating plenty of protein and green leafy veggies and staying hydrated. Also a B-complex vitamin, plus I am currently trying out a collagen supplement as it is supposed to help, but I will get back to you on that.

Book a haircare consultation

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Our BEST recommendations

The Elixir range from Eufora is the best for preventing splits, these products repair the hair form the inside and also the outside strengthening the hair, protecting colour and giving shine, beautifying Elixir leave in treatment and ElixirOne would be my number one go to, this duo are the Ultimate leave in in treatment to keep the hair from splitting and help repair existing damage.

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